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Cologne is a creative hotspot and offers Cologne residents and visitors everything that makes the city a special experience. These “lifestyle factors” include trends that shape urban public spaces, as well as a unique and long-standing neighbourhood culture that Cologne residents identify with in many different ways.

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We love Cologne! Together with you, we stroll through Cologne’s neighbourhoods and enjoy our city’s urban ambience.

Ralf Johnen

Ralf Johnen

Ralf Johnen is a trained newspaper journalist and author of two books about Cologne. His preferred mode of exploring the city is by foot. He also started a travel blog, entitled “Boarding Completed”, in 2011, where he continues to write about road trips, cities and adventures with a small “a”.

Jacqueline Eva-Marie Förster

Jacqueline Eva-Marie Förster

Jacqueline is a social media manager and has been living in Cologne for seven years. Her blog, Frau Förster, is about design, lifestyle and mainly fashion because she loves subtle, unfussy, Scandinavian-inspired outfits – preferably in black.

Julia Floß

Julia Floß

Julia Floss is a journalist specialising in food. A trained (pastry) chef, Julia has lived in Cologne for the last eight years and constantly roves the city looking for new favourite restaurants, bistros, café and bars.