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#urbanCGN – cologne urban lifestyle

Cologne has an outstanding “urban lifestyle”. This metropolis on the Rhine has become a creative hotspot, offering Cologne residents and visitors all the things that make urban living a rich and special experience. These “lifestyle factors” include trends that shape urban public spaces, as well as a unique and long-standing neighbourhood culture that Cologne residents identify with in many different ways. You can find out more about the Cologne urban lifestyle on our blog.


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We love Cologne! Together with you, we stroll through Cologne’s neighbourhoods and enjoy our city’s urban ambience.

Angelika Schwaff

Angelika Schwaff

Angelika Schwaff lived and worked in Cologne until 2012. Today, she’s a full-time travel blogger who shares her adventures around the world on her blog Reisefreunde. The blog is a collection of the small and not-so-small adventures that await travellers away from the hotel pool.

Ricarda Nieswandt

Ricarda Nieswandt

Ricarda Nieswandt is a content creator and social media manager. On her blog 23QM Stil she collects interior design ideas, reviews unique shops and places, and reports on the discoveries she makes on her trips here and there.

Katharina Perlbach

Katharina Perlbach

Katharina is a copywriter, blogger and teacher of German as a foreign language. Her travel and lifestyle blog So nah und so fern covers interesting travel destinations, gorgeous hotels, life, love and more.

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