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the high numbers of Corona infections make a nationwide lockdown necessary. The decisions of the federal and state governments to contain the corona pandemic have been incorporated into the Corona Protection Ordinance (only in German), which will be in force throughout the state. The following regulations apply:

  • Overnight stays for touristic purposes are prohibited.
  • In public spaces, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be kept from all persons.
  • Meetings in public space are permitted only between members of a household and one other person. This person may be accompanied by children in need of care from their household.
    Everyday masks must be worn whenever the minimum distance cannot be maintained. The mask obligation continues to apply in particular in the following areas:

    • in enclosed spaces that are accessible to the public or to visiting and customer traffic, as well as in public transport (including at bus stops),
    • at markets and similar outdoor sales points,
    • in front of retail stores and on associated parking lots and pathways,
    • if necessary, also in workplaces and business premises, but not at the workplace if the minimum distance can be maintained.
  • The retail trade is closed. Exceptions include: Grocery stores, pick-up and delivery services, beverage markets, weekly food markets, pharmacies, health food stores, medical supply stores, drugstores, gas stations, banks, savings banks, post offices, kiosks, wholesale (for wholesale customers), the distribution of food by social institutions (food banks).
  • Leisure and entertainment facilities are closed. These include, for example, zoological gardens, boat trips, zoos, clubs, discos, amusement parks, indoor playgrounds, swimming and fun pools and amusement arcades.
  • Concerts and performances in theaters, opera houses, concert halls, cinemas and other institutions as well as the operation of museums, art exhibitions, galleries, castles, palaces, memorials and similar institutions are not permitted.
    The operation of drive-in cinemas, drive-in theaters and similar facilities is permitted under certain conditions.
  • Restaurants, pubs, snack bars, cafés and other catering facilities are closed. Only the drop-off or pick-up service is allowed.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages in public is prohibited.

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Culinary Cologne

Cologne’s cuisine is highly varied. With more than 3,000 gastronomic establishments to choose from, there is something to meet every taste. Alongside the hearty fare served up in the typical Cologne brewery pub, a whole range of new restaurants recently attract attention, providing pleasant and highly creative cuisine. Cologne’s culinary culture can also be explored at a host of specialist food shops and special gastronomic events.

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Ralf Johnen

Ralf Johnen

Ralf Johnen is a trained newspaper journalist and author of two books about Cologne. His preferred mode of exploring the city is by foot. He also started a travel blog, entitled “Boarding Completed”, in 2011, where he continues to write about road trips, cities and adventures with a small “a”.

Jacqueline Eva-Marie Förster

Jacqueline Eva-Marie Förster

Jacqueline is a social media manager and has been living in Cologne for seven years. Her blog, Frau Förster, is about design, lifestyle and mainly fashion because she loves subtle, unfussy, Scandinavian-inspired outfits – preferably in black.

Julia Floß

Julia Floß

Julia Floss is a journalist specialising in food. A trained (pastry) chef, Julia has lived in Cologne for the last eight years and constantly roves the city looking for new favourite restaurants, bistros, café and bars.